Individual Counseling

If you're feeling frustrated, stuck, or struggling to cope on a daily basis, we can work together to understand the challenges you are facing and develop a plan to address your needs. Together we will identify your strengths and help improve your quality of life.

Adolescent and Teen Counseling

We understand the unique challenges kids are facing today. A child's behavior is correlated with their success in life. We love helping kids and teens navigate the difficulties they face, such as depression, anxiety, self-esteem, family issues.

Couples Counseling

It’s not uncommon to feel disconnected or in disagreement with your partner at times. Couples, whether dating for six months or married for thirty years, can benefit from counseling by working through conflict and arriving at a place of understanding, empathy, respect, and love.


A growing number of people are opting for telehealth to meet their mental health needs. Online therapy, unlike traditional therapy, enables you to meet with their therapist from the comfort of their home.

Christian based counseling is offered to those who prefer to incorporate spiritual counseling along with their therapy.